Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clearance PRICE!

all items are brand new unless stated.
clearance time!

ITEM 1 Long Striped Sleeveless Top
Free size
RM40 RM 25

ITEM 2 - Long sleeve blouse
Size S/M
1-Grey, 1-Dark Brown (low quality of pics)
Gold sequins intact
RM 35 RM 20

ITEM 3 - Black half cardigan
Size S/M
RM 30 sold!

ITEM 4 - Red Sleeveless Blouse
Size S/M - stretchable
RM 20 RM 15

ITEM 5 - Long Top / Dress
Brown in color
Gold sequins are intact
Size XS-M
RM 50 RM 35

ITEM 6 - Long Striped Top / Dress
Size XS-M
RM 25 sold!

ITEM 7 - Long Top/Dress
Size M-L
Silver Grey in color
RM 40 RM 25

ITEM 8 - Sleeveless Long Top / Dress
Free Size
Netting material
Black & Silver in color
RM 40 sold!

ITEM 9 - Sleeveless Long Top / Dress
1-Black, 1-Brown
Free S/M/L
RM 30 RM15

Preloved items
ITEM 1 - Polka Dot Top
Worn once
lil bit of red stain (can't really be seen)
Size S-M
RM 20 RM 15

Green Floral Top
Worn once
Size S-M
RM 20 RM 15


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